Searching for Soul – a journey of recovery, self-discovery, and the healing power of Yoga

On the dawning of my 32nd year, I set myself an intention.

This year I will get well. I will confront my demons. I will accept setbacks as part of my journey – stumbling sideways rather than falling back. I will be present. I will learn. I will reflect. I AM ALIVE! I will not live within the confines created by the cell of my mind, for life is golden and I will absorb its light.

With this emblazoned in my mind, I turn to the power of my pen. Writing with the purpose of recording my first, tentative steps towards the path of recovery from an eating disorder. And how Yoga will guide me on my journey.

My passion for yoga was ignited due to the guidance of a wonderful, open-hearted teacher I was lucky to learn with in India. She helped me to experience the truth of yoga, that each practice is fresh and brings deeper understanding of yourself.

She taught me the importance of not getting caught up in the ‘right’ pose, because what you could do yesterday you might not be able to do today, and that’s ok. Because yoga is less about the pose, and all about the breath, and being centred and grounded by being fully present in that moment.

Yoga has the power to connect you with your roots and to heal on a visceral level.

When I first came to yoga I didn’t understand its depth and how it can help you find balance. I got lost in the pose, and frustrated that I ‘couldn’t do it’.

When I stopped striving for the ‘perfect posture’ my real journey started, and I experienced the myriad of emotions that yoga brings; pure joy, lightness of being, sometimes immense sadness and grief, but ultimately, tranquillity and restoration.

Yoga releases.

My journey now is about arming myself with the power of yoga, to feel what I need to feel,and release what needs to be released, to help me face recovery, and ultimately heal.

Yogas chitta vritti nirodhah

Yoga stills the fluctuations of the mind.

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 1.2